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A longer drinks stand made from Scottish Elm and ideal for whisky, G&T, or your drink of choice. Made with a section of Scottish elm this stand is available with optional genuine Glencairn whisky nosing glasses or water jug.


This unique stand has interesting dark and medium brown flowing grain, smooth sides and top surface and a section of natural bark on one side.


On this item, several coats of natural oils have been applied to finish the wood and capture the wonderful colours, which will provide protection for years to come. A further coat of furniture oil or wax can be added at a later date if you so wish.


The stand measures approx 28x12x3cm (11x4.5x0.25 inches).


Unique item - only one produced - item 509


The underside of the piece is branded with our "anyfink, Made in Scotland" logo and it has felt feet to avoid marking surfaces.


The stand can be supplied with two genuine Glencairn official whisky tasting glasses and caps (170ml 6 oz, lead free crystal) and or one glass & cap along with a genuine Glencairn Official Whisky water jug (250ml, lead free crystal).

The shape of the Glencairn Whisky glass is perfectly suited for whisky and is designed to enhance the overall whisky experience, from start to finish including the important, nosing and tasting. The Tasting Cap is designed to help contain the vapours from the whisky to give greater concentrations of aromas when nosing. The Glencairn Water jug is an excellent companion piece for your official Glencairn whisky glass. The shape and attractive design of the jug is perfectly suited for adding a touch of water to your whisky. Both the glasses and jug will be supplied in genuine branded Glencairn packaging.


Please note, my half drunk bottle of malt visible in the photos, is not included in this sale...


Please have a look around our other items and contact us if we can help further. We undertake a lot of Custom Orders and are always happy to work with you to meet your requirements.

Whisky gift, two glass stand for Glencairn glasses or jug (509)

  • Plinth

    The stand measures approx 28x12x3cm (11x4.5x0.25 inches).



    Glencairn official whisky tasting glasses and caps.
    170ml 6 oz, lead free crystal



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