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We are a couple living in Aberdeenshire Scotland.  We are surrounded by beautiful countryside which inspires our creativity.  Over the years we have enjoyed making one of a kind gifts, ornaments, and useful items for ourselves and our families, mostly using natural materials such as wood, stones, metals, wool and fabric.  Eventually, after a lot of positive reactions and encouragement, we decided to start designing and making our creations to share with others too.

Whilst trying to think of a short catchy name for our little enterprise of making and selling anything that we enjoyed making, it was our teenage daughter who made the offhand comment that we should just call it "anyfink" then - and so we did.......

Most of the materials we use in our products are sourced locally, such as the hardwood which comes from trees that we have felled, or cleared sustainably, for local landowners.  All of our listed products are handmade by us.  We only list what we have in stock and ready to ship so there are no delays with "made to order". 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for "anyfink" else you'd like to see in our shop, if you feel we can improve in any way, or if you absolutely love what we do, then please let us know as your feedback is important to us and is always welcome.

Neil & Emma

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